Aqualert leak detection systems

Why Permalert Leak Detection/Alarm Systems?

No False Alarms

The Permalert leak detection/alarm system does not use a short circuit to detect a leak. This means it is not susceptible to false alarms caused by dirt or other contaminants, as other systems are prone to be.

Pinpoint the leak - Email the alert, automatically!

When a leak is detected, the Permalert system tells you where the leak is. This is shown on the control panel and also on the remote Palcom® software which incorporates the Graphic Locator System (GLS). GLS displays the location of the leak on a CAD drawing and emails that drawing to support staff. They can then go straight to the area of the problem without having to visit the panel and find the point of the leak on floor plans. A critical time saver ! More information

Continuous monitoring

The Permalert leak detection/alarm system carries on monitoring the whole sensor string for leaks even after one or more have been detected. This feature gives you on-going protection while known leaks are being dealt with.

What's the point of a leak detection system that cannot go on protecting you once an initial leak has occurred?

The Permalert leak detection system will alert you when...

  • A leak, break or short occurs
  • If that initial leak gets worse
  • If another leaks occurs while the first is being attended to

Great coverage from one panel

One Permalert leak detection system panel can monitor up to 4 sensor cables, each having a length of up to 2300m; that's a total of over 9 kilometers! This means we have the leak detection product choice to tailor a system for you that not only gives you 24 hour coverage, but also doesn't cost you any more than necessary.

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DCS Runners up
Aqualert selected as DCS Awards Runner Up 2016 for Palcom 10 Email Alerts
New Products


PALCOM® 10 with GLS is an interactive, remote monitoring software package designed to monitor PAL-AT® cable leak detection systems and LiquidWatch® probe leak detection systems. It has been totally re-written and now integrates a graph viewer and GLS viewer. More information

Graphic Locator System with Email alerts

SMS Email and text messages are sent when an event is detected. Email messages include several images of the GLS drawings which zoom in to the event location. This provides 24/7 notification of leak detection events to any location. More information